What is the registration fee and fundraising?

While there is no fee for individual registration, we have the Family Registration* Option, which includes a donation to NICUSTRONG and provides you with a NICUSTRONG Family Fun Kit when you register. There is also a NICUSTRONG t-shirt avaliable when you fundraise $100!

The Family Registration option is $35.
The NICUSTRONG Family Fun Kit includes a NICUSTRONG lawn sign and coloring sheets! For full details, inquire with our team. All money raised is a donation that directly supports the work of the NICUSTRONG.

*Family registration covers one household (unlimited adults and children). Only ONE kit included per Family Registration. If you do not want the Family Fun Kit, please choose different registration type.

Questions about registration or the NICUSTRONG Family Fun Kit? Contact the team: call 551-996-3451 or email




We encourage all teams registrants and participants to have a fundraising minimum. Remember every dollar goes towards the NICUSTRONG fund and its work!

Fundraising Minimum

Families/teams are asked to fundraise at least $500. But we encourage you to increase your fundraising goals based on what is right for you and your family! We are offering exciting fundraising incentives to top fundraiser and top fundraising team and there will be awards at the event given for top fundraisers. See the fundraiser incentive section for details about that.

Concerns about fundraising? Reach out to our team and we can help answer any questions, provide some added detail and help support! 

Personal Donations

While this is not required, many families and participants will donate to their fundraising page in addition to asking friends and family for their support. Remember, fundraising allows us to continue this critical work for current and future families in our NICU. All money raised funds innovative treatment, cutting-edge equipment, much-needed research and support for our babies and families. To learn more about currently funded programs, click here. Questions: email Danielle Binn.



How to register as a team?

After clicking the START YOUR TEAM button on the home page you will have the option of joining as a new user or logging in if you are a returning user. If you have supported Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation in the past you may be a Returning User. There is an option to have your login information emailed to you in case you don’t remember your username.

Once you have logged in or joined as a new user, the registration process consists of 4-5 basic steps:

  1. Select Options - Enter your information first (selecting either the Family Registration Option for a full family, that includes the NICUSTRONG Family Fun Kit, or individually register each person in your family). (If you are joining an existing team, please speak with your team captain about setting up a group fundraising page for your team and follow the JOIN A TEAM button prompts). You also have the option of making a gift in support of your team fundraising effort.
  2. Provide Details - Complete the form with your personal information. If you are an existing user, this information should pre-populate in the form. When you finish entering your information, you will have the option to “Register Family Member” or “Complete Registration”
  3. Review - Review and confirm your registration information OR Register a Family Member
    • Select “Register Family Member” to add a partner and/or child(ren). To help us have an accurate count for our virtual event and this year, we encourage that you register each member of your family, no matter their age. For extended family such as aunts, uncles, cousins or close friends joining your team, instruct them to register themselves or after completing this step, help them register under your team by following the JOIN A TEAM button prompts.
  4. Make Payment - If you decided to make a donation in support of NICUSTRONG so we can continue this critical work, you will be asked to enter and submit your billing information.

Once your registration is complete, you will be prompted to access your participant center and start fundraising. Here you can customize your page and send emails to friends, family, colleagues and others to help in your fundraising efforts. Click here for more information on the Participant Center.

If you are joining an existing team (you are joining the team of a family or friend that you want to support in the walk), click JOIN A TEAM and search for the individual’s name or team name. You can register as part of their team (see steps 2 and 3 from above) or donate directly to that page and share out that link with your family & friends to solicit donations if you cannot participate in the walk.

TEAM refers to any "unit" fundraising and walking together - it can be a single family, a parent + child(ren), a group of families that want to fundraise together, or your family & friends/network of support. There is no right or wrong! It is whatever works for you! Some teams are large, while others are small. No rules apply with team size and we can modify team fundraising goals based on any concerns, especially for smaller teams.

Reminder: this year, because of the walk changes, registration fees are waived. However, you can still support this critical work through team fundraising (similar to past years), a personal donation and through the Family Registration package, which includes a NICUSTRONG Family Fun Kit. Every dollar has a huge impact, and together we are stronger!




To support a participant, click the DONATE button. Search for the participant or team you want to support. Once you find the participant or team, click the name to open that page. Click the DONATE NOW button on that page to donate in support of that participant. Enter the gift amount and billing information then click Process. Online transactions require a credit card. To donate by check, please download and print donation form and mail your check to:

HMH Foundation

Attn: 2022 NICUSTRONG Walk

343 Thornall Street, 7th Floor

Edison, NJ 08837





You can support NICUSTRONG all year long! Here are some ways to support NICUSTRONG throughout the year:

1. Host your own virtual or in person fundraiser- Use your team page to create a birthday fundraiser, bake sale, sip and paint or other fundraisers in support of NICUSTRONG. You create it so the sky is the limit! The fundraising pages stay active year-round.

2. Ask your company to sponsor the NICUSTRONG walk

3. Matching gifts: Enlist your company to do a matching gift. Talk to your company or to learn more contact our team


For more information on these ideas and more ways to support NICUSTRONG, please email




The Participant Center is your fundraising tool box. This is where you can draft and send emails to family and friends asking them to support your efforts. The Participant Center also allows you to track your personal progress, change your goals, set custom URLs, and enter offline gifts.

The Participant Center has four sections. Each section is denoted by different tabs at the top of the page. These tabs are:


  • HOME - The home tab provides an overview of the person’s fundraising progress. Optional next steps are included to help the participant move their fundraising effort forward.
  • EMAIL - The email tab provides a four step process to configure and draft an email, determine recipients and send various messages. The email tab provides template emails for participants to use to recruit teammates, solicit donations, and thank supporters.
  • PROGRESS - Displays the personal or team fundraising progress.
  • PERSONAL PAGE - The Personal Page tab allows the participant to customize their personal fundraising page. When customizing your page, you should think about why you are participating in support of NICU STRONG. Your story is important so don’t be afraid to share it with others. Each participant can also add a photo or video to their personal or team page.






$100 Individual Fundraising Milestone - Walk participant t-shirt (you will receive the shirt by walk weekend based on fundraising status as of August 29th, or after the walk based on fundraising status by end of September - so two chances to hit that incentive!)

Top Individual Fundraiser - Exclusive NICUSTRONG zip up for your NICUSTRONG warrior. Inclusion in post-walk email to all participants as top fundraiser.

$5,000 Team Fundraising - NICUSTRONG Tote Bag; tickets to Van Saun Zoo and Carousel

$10,000 Team Fundraising - $5,000 benefits and check presentation with team at Joseph M. Sanzari Children's Hospital with NICU leaders.

Top Fundraising Team - Inclusion in post-race email to all participants as top fundraising team and tickets to American Dream family activities.


Continue fundraising to be eligble to receive these incentives. Fundraising pages will remain open until October 1. Shirts received by walk weekend are based on fundraising status as of August 29th; or for those that do not reach that level until September, they will receive the shirt in early October at the close of fundraising pages.

Those who qualify for the t-shirt will receive a google form from our team instructing them to choose a size. An order will be placed and those people will be instructed to pick up their shirts at registration on walk day. The second wave of shirts (for those who qualify after Aug 29) will be mailed out to homes. Contact our team with questions.

Teams and families are also encouraged to create their own special shirt to represent their personal NICUSTRONG journey and wear for NICUSTRONG Walk!

There are also sponsorship benefits available. To review sponsorship opportunities, click here.



Q: How do I register for the walk?

A: Click the START YOUR TEAM or JOIN A TEAM buttons on the home page. Follow the prompts on that page. For general FAQs about the event, click here.


Q: Is there a limit on team size?

A: No - sign up as many teammates (aka family members or friends) as you can! We ask each team to fundraise $500 but will work with smaller teams where fundraising is a concern. For larger teams or if it is feasible, we do encourage you to increase your team fundraising goal! The more we raise the more we can support the NICU STRONG fundraising priorities and continue this great work that started in 2018.


Q: I can’t login to my page. How do I retrieve or reset my password?

A: To reset your password, click the LOGIN button at the top of the screen. There will be login assistance options on the following screen. Click the Forgot User Name link to have your User Name emailed to you or click the Forgot Password link to reset your password. You will need to use the email address that was used to create your account.


Q: Is there a minimum fundraising requirement?

A: Yes, in order to raise funds for innovative treatment, cutting-edge equipment to provide exceptional care, and patient and family needs all teams are asked to fundraise. The fundraising recommended minimum has been made to be very reachable but if you have questions or concerns with the fundraising commitment please contact or 551-996-3451. Our #1 priority is the access to this walk, even while hybrid this year, for our patients & families and recognize everyone's situation is different. Please reach out so we can best support you!


Q: Where does the fee for the Family Registration/NICUSTRONG Family Fun Kit go?

A: A portion of that fee helps to cover the expenses of the items in the family fun kit. Our goal is always to have as much money go towards the work of NICUSTRONG. The tax deductible amount for the Family Fun Kit is $25. The fee does count towards team fundraising goals. All fees and donations go towards the NICU STRONG fund, which supports innovative treatment, cutting-edge equipment, much-needed research, and support for our babies and families at the Hackensack Meridian Children's Health at Joseph M. Sanzari Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Questions about registration or fees? Contact the team.


Q: Where do I find the URL to my personal (or team) page?

A: You can find the URL for your personal or team page in your Participant Center. If you are not already logged in, you will need to first login to the site. Click the Participant Center button at the top of the page. Navigate to the appropriate tab by clicking the Personal Page tab or Team Page tab. The specific URL is listed in the top of this section. You can highlight the URL, right click on it and select “Copy” then paste it into emails, social media or elsewhere as appropriate.


Q: Can I customize my personal or team URL?

A: You can find the URL for your personal or team page in your Participant Center. If you are not already logged in, you will need to first login to the site. Click the Participant Center button at the top of the page. Navigate to the appropriate tab by clicking the Personal Page tab. Click on the URL Settings link at the top of the Personal Page. The beginning of the URL cannot be changed but you are able to add custom text to the end. Please note that the custom text must be unique. Be sure to click the Save button to complete the change.



Q: How do I change my fundraising goal?

A: You can find your personal fundraising goal in your Participant Center. If you are not already logged in, you will need to first login to the site. Click the Participant Center button at the top of the page. On either the Home or Progress tab, your goal is listed in the middle of the page. You can click the “Change” link to edit your goal. Click Submit to save the change.


Q: What is an offline donation?

A: Offline donations are gifts made by cash or check. These gifts can be added to personal totals by navigating to the Participant Center. You must first login to the site, then click the Participant Center button at the top of the page. On the Home tab, click the Enter New Gift button on the right hand side. Enter the required information and click the Add button. The gift amount will be added to your personal and/or team totals. The gift will be considered unconfirmed until the Hackensack University Medical Center office receives and processes the actual check or cash donation (see below for additional information on how to handle donations by cash or check).


Q: How do I handle donations made by cash or check?

A: Most donations will be made using credit cards on the secure website. However, some supporters will prefer to donate using cash or check. As the fundraiser, you will be responsible for collecting these gifts and sending them to Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation for processing. Checks should be made payable to Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation.

All checks received by you, the fundraiser, should be recorded on the Offline Gift Form. Checks should be made payable to Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation and mailed, along with the Offline Gift Form, to HMH Foundation (attn: NICU STRONG Walk), 343 Thornall Street, 7th Floor, Edison, NJ 0883. If the donor requests, they can send their gift directly to us at the above address. The donor should include the event name (NICUSTRONG Walk) and the participant’s name in the memo field so we can properly credit the gift to the correct participant.

Cash donations should also be tracked on the Offline Gift Form. The money should be collected and deposited into a checking account and a single check, made payable to Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation. The check, along with the Offline Gift Form should then be mailed to HMH Foundation (attn: NICU STRONG Walk), 343 Thornall Street, 7th Floor, Edison, NJ 08837. The names and specific amounts recorded on the Offline Gift Form will be individually credited for their donations.


Q: I can't make it on September 18, can I still be involved?

A: Of course. We are focused on what works for you and what you are comfortable with given these unique times. Start a team, fundraise or donate in support - whatever is the best fit for you and your family. You can walk for the NICUSTRONG community from YOUR community! Remember, every dollar has a huge impact on our work funding innovative treatment, cutting-edge equipment, much-needed research and support for our babies and their families. 



Q: The information on this page was great but I still need some assistance. How can I get help?

A:  For sponsorships, help with your page, registration questions, or the Family Fun Kit, email Danielle Binn.

For the current details about our event and the exciting things we have planned, visit the Event Details TAB or contact our team.






Donation Form


Offline Gift Form